December 12th, 2013
Today I have instructed my legal counsel to ask The Supreme Court of British Columbia for a trial date in the civil claim brought against me by Beverly Abraham.

My decision to seek a trial has been made in light of an official letter I received yesterday from the RCMP that fully exonerates me with respect to Ms. Abraham’s false allegations, some of which were also published by the activist Laura Robinson, whom I am suing for defamation in a separate suit before the BC Supreme Court.
A new letter I received yesterday from RCMP states: “This letter is to inform you that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have concluded their investigation . . . Based on the facts uncovered, the allegations made by Beverly Abraham are not supported.” [Please see a copy of the letter here]

This conclusion by the RCMP — following a 16‐month investigation that I requested and cooperated with — is further proof of a pattern of reckless inaccuracy by the activist Laura Robinson.
On September 27, 2012 this activist published an article in The Georgia Straight, outlining some of Ms. Abraham’s false allegations. Laura Robinson then expanded her attack by using the courts to back‐door publish even more damaging allegations she could not put in her original article because they were not grounded in fact.
This is part of a historic pattern of inaccuracy by Laura Robinson. In addition to the untrue statements she wrote about me, Laura Robinson has made egregious errors in at least four other cases:
  • In 1994 she accused former Canadian national men's basketball coach Ken Shields of racism, alleging he kept minority players off the team. Her allegations were proven false by an independent investigation, and the charges in her article were fully retracted by The Globe and Mail.

  • In 2005, she alleged sexual harassment against Keith Benson, former principal of UBC's Green College where she had been studying. He resigned his position after that false allegation. A year later she recanted that allegation in court and the case was dropped.

  • In 2012, she filed a court document saying I abused my former wife. Within 24 hours, my former wife and my children stated publicly that these allegations were false, reckless and damaging. Laura Robinson was proven wrong again.

  • In a 2000 article in Chatelaine magazine she wrote that Vancouver Fire Department members set up private phone lines to arrange sexual encounters with women. The allegations were fully discredited through a commissioned investigation that found the phone lines had been in wide use for decades for emergency and personal contact between firefighters and their family members.

I am grateful that the record has now been fully cleared in this matter, and Beverly Abraham’s allegations have been proven to be incorrect. I thank the RCMP for their efforts to get to the truth and concluding their investigation of this matter.
John Furlong
For further information please contact:
Janice Mandel
December 10th, 2013

Vancouver — This morning, the BC Supreme Court ruled in favour of John Furlong, dismissing  a request by Laura Robinson to have John Furlong set aside $100,000 to cover Laura Robinson's legal costs.

The court dismissed Laura Robinson's application, and also awarded costs to Mr. Furlong against Laura Robinson in the cause.

Please see Mr. Furlong's statement below: 

“I appreciate the BC Supreme Court decision that Laura Robinson's financial request for a $100,000 bond from me to cover her legal costs was inappropriate and unwarranted. I have no intention of paying her a dime and look forward to rebuilding my life and the successful public speaking business I was operating before Laura Robinson started her public campaign against me.”   -- John Furlong 

Statement from Mr. Furlong in regard to redactions in his affidavit (referred to in the Oral Reasons for Judgment):
“I am not a lawyer. The affidavit was written in my own words. I understand the judge thought it was inappropriate for me to express opinions in my affidavit.  Clearly there was more than enough admissible information for the matter to be decided in my favour.” – John Furlong
For more information:

December 5th, 2013
John Furlong’s affidavit is in response to a request by Laura Robinson, through her lawyer, that he set aside $100,000 as security to cover a potential cost award in her favor. The majority of the document summarizes his case against her, including the impact she has had on his ability to operate his business. For the complete affidavit, click here

Statement by John Furlong about the recently created Laura Robinson website soliciting public funds: 
“Laura Robinson is an activist who has a long history of inaccurate and malicious writing including damaging untrue accusations against innocent people. I will continue to pursue legal action against her to the full extent of the law, taking whatever time is needed to ensure that the legal proceedings are complete, factual and that the truth is made known. Consider for a moment the personal financial implication and legal costs her highly defamatory actions have had on me over the past year.  This website is nothing more than another platform upon which to further try to spread damaging misinformation.” 

(John Furlong)
Oct 29 / 2013
For the last year, I have remained largely silent on the horrible, heartless lies and innuendo that have been published and broadcast about me, originating in articles and court documents from the activist Laura Robinson.
Today that silence ends. Enough is enough. I have been declared innocent by the RCMP and I am dropping one legal action and will escalate another.
RCMP Investigation shows my innocence
After a thorough investigation, the RCMP have cleared me of the allegations that Ms. Robinson brought to the RCMP on behalf of Beverley Abraham in the summer of 2012. I have both written and verbal confirmation of this finding, now in the hands of senior RCMP officials.
In correspondence with my legal counsel, the RCMP's investigating officer stated: “I can tell you the RCMP have concluded their investigation into that matter and found nothing to substantiate the complaint”. In a verbal briefing to my legal counsel last week the same RCMP officer advised that his thorough, 16-month investigation and final report confirms there is no truth to the claims she made against me.
I asked the RCMP for this investigation and I encouraged it. I then cooperated fully with the police. While this has been deeply painful and damaging in so many ways I thank the RCMP for their independence, professionalism and public service.
Discontinuation of Georgia Straight Legal Action
Given this finding of innocence by the RCMP I am today discontinuing my legal action against The Georgia Straight, the tabloid that was the only newspaper to publish Ms. Robinson’s original article. Their publication of this reckless article went ahead even after being warned by the RCMP about material, serious discrepancies in Laura Robinson’s reporting. That article was then subsequently reprinted and its contents broadcast widely, with devastating and pulverizing consequences on me and my family. But it is the source of these lies I wish to pursue.
Escalation of Defamation Action against Laura Robinson
My defamation case against Laura Robinson will continue and be escalated - she is the perpetrator of these defamatory allegations. She continues to defame me today and this will no longer go unchallenged. Ms. Robinson has a two decade-long pattern of inaccuracy in her writing. Her words have hurt innocent people. I will file those documents to amend my legal case against her in the coming days and weeks. 
This is the same Laura Robinson who on at least four previous occasions — that I know of — is known to have publicly attacked or damaged the reputations of good people. In each case, she was proven to be wrong, very wrong:
•In 1994 she accused former Canadian national men's basketball coach Ken Shields of racism, alleging he kept minority players off the team. Her allegations were proven false by an independent investigation, and the charges in her article were fully retracted by The Globe and Mail.
•In a 2000 article in Chatelaine magazine she wrote that Vancouver Fire Department members set up private phone lines to arrange sexual encounters with women. The allegations were fully discredited through a commissioned investigation that found the phone lines had been in wide use for decades for emergency and personal contact between firefighters and their family members.
•In 2005, she alleged sexual harassment against Keith Benson, former principal of UBC's Green College where she had been studying. He resigned his position after that false allegation. A year later she recanted that allegation in court and the case was dropped.
•In 2012, she filed a court document saying I abused my former wife. Within 24 hours, she and my children stated publicly that these allegations were false, reckless and damaging. Laura Robinson was proven wrong again. But her pattern is clear.

Backdoor Publishing
Laura Robinson has used the courts as a platform in a campaign to publish horrendous and false accusations she could not write or publish under her own byline, even in the original article in The Georgia Straight.
More importantly, this was a calculated form of irresponsible, back-door publishing designed to ruin my hard earned reputation. Again, it is a deeply damaging misuse of the court and the media. It has been devastating beyond measure to my family and me. 
I am a public figure, a by-product of my proudest achievement as a Canadian — being given the privilege and honor of leading the team that organized the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Vancouver.
False allegations against public figures, as I have discovered at great cost, are deemed big news. Once Laura Robinson placed her explosive, false allegations in those privileged court documents, nobody paused or waited for the judge and a trial to test their truthfulness in court. The hurt and damage was immediate.
Laura Robinson’s unproven written and verbal allegations against me were instantly deemed newsworthy and were widely reported on and quoted.  And because those false allegations were in a court document, it was incorrectly assumed they could be reported — and repeated — with impunity. This put me and my family under the most horrible and vicious scrutiny, exposing us to continuing humiliation, ridicule, and destroyed our privacy.
I have always respected the courts and media as foundations of our society. The women and men in them do their best to bring about truth, fairness and justice. But I ask any reasonable person to consider what they would do if someone did this to them, or a family member?
I’m not sure anyone can undo the damage done to us. I also do not know or understand the motives for Laura Robinson’s campaign against me. But I do know, despite numerous warnings from my legal counsel to Ms. Robinson that her allegations are wrong, her vicious campaign is continuing, even escalating.
Instead of respectfully waiting for the court and the RCMP to do their jobs properly, as I have, she is now sending defamatory letters and documents to my friends, employers and other organizations that I work with, slurring my reputation. This is palpable harassment.
This activist is also now spreading these horrible allegations about me in Europe, at a conference called Play The Game. Her talk is titled — Truth, Lies and History: John Furlong and Canadian Sports’ Moral Vacuum.
Well – enough is enough.
In forty years of living, working and public service in BC, there had never been a complaint about me. Never a criminal charge, nor a reason for one. Laura Robinson then made one. The RCMP has found her allegation against me to be completely unfounded. And any other allegations out there are just as false.
This is not an acceptable way to treat any Canadian, or to use the courts. I believe I have a responsibility to expose the tactics that have been so hurtful and damaging to me and could be used against others.
I will continue to pursue my defamation against Laura Robinson in the courts and, now, expose her questionable tactics and methods to Canadians.   This should not happen to anyone.
I am in debt to my many friends and supporters, who have stood by us over the past year. No amount of thanks will ever be enough. I look forward to better days and a return to public service. 
John Furlong
Whitecaps Media Release April 12th, 2012
VANCOUVER, BC- Vancouver Whitecaps FC announced today that John Furlong, former chief executive officer of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC), has been named executive chair of the club. Furlong assumes his new role with Whitecaps FC effective immediately.

As executive chair and the most senior member of the club’s executive team, Furlong joins president Bob Lenarduzzi, and chief operating officer Rachel Lewis, to lead the broad business operations of Whitecaps FC as the club continues its second season in Major League Soccer (MLS). He will also play an active strategic role with the club’s ownership group.

"Today marks another historic day for Vancouver Whitecaps FC, and onbehalf of our ownership group, I am excited to welcome John to our team,” said Jeff Mallett, Whitecaps FC co-owner. “Throughout his tenure at VANOC, from the bid stage through to the completion of a highly successful Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, John has become one of the most respected and recognized leaders in Canada.”

“The ‘Caps ownership group is committed to its long-term vision of growing the club, and building and delivering a team – on and off the pitch – that our partners, supporters, and community can all be proud of," added Mallett. "We look forward to John’s contributions to helping us achieve our mandate.”

"Whitecaps FC have a long and rich history with a demonstrated commitment to developing and growing the thriving sport of soccer in British Columbia and Canada. I look forward to being part of this next chapter and contributing everything that I can to help all areas of the club succeed,” said Furlong. “As a lifelong supporter I know that the experience for fans at a Major League Soccer match is unique, unlike any other sport, and we have only just begun to explore its enormous potential.”
Furlong was introduced by Jeff Mallett at a media conference today in downtown Vancouver.
Whitecaps FC 2012 Major League Soccer season tickets start at $295, plus applicable tax and a $10 processing fee per order. To secure a seat and for additional information about Whitecaps FC MLS season tickets, including loge seats and suites, call 604.669.9283 ext. 3 or visit

Carly Jokic, Director of CommunicationsJenna Visram, Communications Manager
Vancouver Whitecaps FCVancouver Whitecaps FC
604-753-8915 / cjokic@whitecapsfc.com604-355-9283 /


About John Furlong:
John Furlong created the vision and led the team that bid for, organized, and staged the highly successful Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. He is one of the longest serving leaders in Olympic history.

He was there at the beginning of the bid phase and went on to become CEO of VANOC, leading the organization through many trials and tribulations, all the way through to the closing ceremonies. He was relentless in his pursuit to deliver a Games that would touch the hearts and minds of every Canadian. John Furlong is the leader behind the team that organized and staged the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. From the very beginning of the project, Furlong envisioned that the Games could be a true nation builder, helping to improve the fabric of Canadian society. IOC President Jacques Rogge remarked in a Canadian Press interview at how Vancouver had taken on the Games in a way that was ``unheard of in the Olympic movement,'' and considered them as belonging to all of Canada, was not surprised that the Games had become a catalyst for national unity.

Furlong’s service to sport has landed him with numerous other forms of recognition - among them The IOC’s Olympic Order and the IPC’s Paralympic Order. He was inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame as the 2004 W.A.C. Bennett Award winner.

Furlong has been involved with athletics all his life, having competed at the international level in Basketball, European handball and Squash. He became Canadian Squash Champion in 1986. Furlong has been a long time member of the Canadian Olympic Committee and has led many high profile sport organizations in Canada.

On July 1, 2010, Furlong was named an Officer of the Order of Canada and on October 21, 2010, he became a Member of the Order of British Columbia.

He has been recognized by The Globe and Mail as Canada’s Nation Builder of 2010, as one of the top 25 most transformational living Canadians and has been named Canadian of the Year by The Canadian Club. He is Canada’s 2010 Marketer of the year and Sports Media Canada’s Sports Executive of the Year.

In 2009 Furlong was named Canada’s Most influential Sport Figure by both The Globe and Mail and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He is also Sport BC’s Sportsman of the Decade.
Born in Tipperary, Ireland, Furlong has five children and eleven grandchildren. His book Patriot Hearts – Inside the Olympics that changed a country became an instant national bestseller when it was launched on February 12, 2011, the one year anniversary of the 2010 Winter Games.

- -

Vancouver Sun April 13th, 2012
John Furlong met Vancouver Whitecaps owner Greg Kerfoot at a private dinner six weeks ago and the two talked about what it would take to build the Caps franchise.

It must have been a compel-ling conversation because the former Vanoc chief executive now runs the club's business operations after accepting an offer to assume the title of executive chair.

"I'm a bit stunned myself," Furlong said at a news conference Thursday.

"This has all happened very quickly."

He effectively replaces former Whitecaps CEO Paul Barber, who left in late February after a two-year stint with the club.

Furlong, 61, spent nine years running the Vancouver Olympic bid committee and then Vanoc and expects a similar long-term relationship with the Whitecaps.

"For me, this is now my life," he said.

Whitecaps part-owner Jeff Mallett said Furlong will spend more time with the ownership group than Barber did but his role will be much the same - heading an executive team that includes president Bob Lenar-duzzi and chief operating officer Rachel Lewis.

Mallett said Furlong has great business connections because of his time spent planning and running the 2010 Olympics.

"Someone with those connections and ties - I don't have to explain that," he said. "That's the huge bonus that comes along. And at the heart of it, he's a soccer guy."

When Barber's departure was announced four months ago, the club said there was no plan to replace him as Lenarduzzi and Lewis would run the day-to-day operations.

But Mallett said circum-stances changed.

"This literally happened over the last few weeks, where John said: 'I think this is where I want to spend the next 10 years,'" he said. "We were not looking but he came to us and said this feels right."

Furlong is a lifelong soccer fan who still recalls Eng-land's starting lineup - Gordon Banks, Bobby Charlton and company - from their 1966 World Cup win over Germany and remembers watching the game through a storefront window in Dublin.

"I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever be involved in the Olympic Games and now professional soccer," he said. "It's sort of like I feel I'm going to wake up."

Before he accepted his new job, Furlong tried to get a better sense of Major League Soccer by flying to Philadelphia to watch the Caps/Union game at PPL Park on March 31.

He was impressed with what he saw in the stadium on the banks of the Delaware River, where fervent Sons of Ben sup-porters scream their lungs out throughout every game.

"There's something special going on," he said. "The fans are so engaged and it was exciting to be there and watch and feel what it's like in the stadium and here it's the same. These fans are giving us bench strength and inspiration."

Furlong said soccer has enormous growth potential in B.C., though he acknowledged hockey is in the DNA of most Canadian sports fans.

"But I do think the White-caps can be a different kind of organization for the community, to get every child involved in sport," he said. " ... There's more to it than just showing up every Saturday and having a game and at the end of the year, doing the books. It's about trying to see how much influence you have and how much good are you doing."

Furlong has already grasped the significance Whitecaps owners place on winning the Amway Canadian Champion-ship and representing Canada in CONCACAF Champions League play, something the Caps have never done.

Toronto FC beat the White-caps in the Canadian Championship final last year and surprised many by reaching the semifinals of the CONCACAF tournament.

"We want to represent this country in this sport time and time again and become known for it," Furlong said. "To do that, you have to build a winning culture."

He said the Whitecaps want to emulate the greatest soccer organizations in the world, where winning cultures are built on and off the field.

"It's in absolutely everything they touch, from the ticket office to the parking lot to the people who make the food," he said. "Everybody is part of this idea that we're here to serve and to win and to succeed."

Wednesday, vs. Kansas City
7 p.m. at BC Place Stadium
BC Sports Hall of Fame Feb 11th, 2012
BC Sports Hall of Fame set to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games with a Red Mitten Weekend!

Vancouver, B.C. (February 11, 2012) – CEO of the Vancouver Organizing Committee of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games attended the Red Mitten Weekend and made a surprise donation of his one and only Blue Jacket. The Blue Jacket was signed by John and will become a permanent part of the Vancouver 2010 Gallery at the BC Sports Hall of Fame.

The Red Mitten Weekend continues …. Did you find your red 2010 mittens? Find them and wear them to the BC Sports Hall of Fame for the Red Mitten Weekend- February 11 and 12 th celebrating the 2 nd Anniversary of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The first 25 kids on Saturday and the first 25 kids on Sunday wearing their 2010 Red Mittens will receive FREE admission.

Red Mitten Weekend activities include:
·All guests receive ½ price admission
·NEW Vancouver 2010 Gallery – relive the exhilaration of the Games
·Blue Jacket Reunion – 2010 Games volunteers (with accreditation) can sign the Blue Jacket Legacy Wall
·Red MittenColouring Contest – your chance to win FREE Hall of Fame Birthday Party
·Go Canada Go! scavenger hunt
·Face painting
·Break a sweat in the Participation Zone where you can climb the wall, run the track, kick the ball and slap the puck!

The BC Sports Hall of Fame is open daily at Gate A of BC Place from 10am-5pm. For more information please visit:


About the BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum
The BC Sports Hall of Fame has re-opened at Gate “A” of BC Place with a new Vancouver 2010 Gallery and a new Hall of Champions and is open daily from 10am-5pm. The BC Sports Hall of Fame, a non-profit society, is the ‘go to’ organization for BC sport heritage. For over 40 years, we have honoured BC’s teams, builders, athletes, pioneers, and media through the annual induction ceremony the Banquet of Champions. To date 325 individuals and 54 teams have been inducted onto the BC Sports Hall of Fame. The collection of the BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum includes over 25,000 artifacts and 20,000 archival documents representing 100 years of sporting accomplishments in British Columbia. In everything it does, the BC Sports Hall of Fame honours, educates, and inspires through the Hero In You © educational program.

Media contacts:                                                                    
Allison Mailer                                                               
Director of Operations                                                
BC Sports Hall of Fame                             
Direct               604-687-5520                                    
Cellular             778-839-8576
BC Sports Hall of Fame February 11th and 12th, 2012
Blue Jackets – Sign and Photograph your name on the 2010 commemorative wall. Meet John Furlong, book signing, photo’s with medals, view the New 2010 Gallery.
CBC Edmonton January 19th 2012
Tonight John Furlong warms up the city up to the idea of making your life in Edmonton more winter-friendly.

Oct 25 2011
-- Malcolm Gladwell, best-selling author and journalist, "Organizational Culture and Innovation"
-- John Furlong, CEO, Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee, "The Vision that Changed a             Nation" 
-- Jim De Piante, Executive Project Manager, IBM Corporation, Developer of the Watson
   Supercomputer, "IBM and the Watson Project" 
-- Heather Rarick, Flight Director for NASA International Space Station, "Perspectives of Project
   Management in Human Spaceflight" 
-- Stefan Swanepoel, best-selling author,  "Surviving Your Serengeti

DALLAS & FORT WORTH, Texas, Oct 17, 2011(BUSINESS WIRE) -- The implementation of successful business practices can turn vision into reality. Some of the biggest thought leaders in business and government today will gather to discuss their innovative use of project management, demonstrating thinking that has transformed their organizations. From 22-25 October 2011, thousands of North America's top project managers will gather at the Project Management Institute's (PMI(R)) Global Congress North America--2011, in Dallas/Fort Worth, to learn how to bring innovation to their own organizations and careers, and attend focused educational sessions and networking opportunities

John Furlong, Heather Rarick NASA,  Malcolm Gladwell, Jim De Piante IBM, Stefan Swanepoel

The Vancouver Sun May 18, 2011
Albert Einstein said that ‘not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.’ While statistical data is essential and telling, it might soon be time to confess that we in business have taken the need for quantitative, numeric confirmation too far, particularly when it comes to mobilizing groups to great accomplishments. It always strikes me as odd to observe leaders charged with navigating people through change or rallying teams to heroic effort regarding a rational, analytic framework as the lynchpin of human motivation. The work of the great mythologist Joseph Campbell demonstrated that human beings the world over are wired to respond to storytelling. This is because we are emotional, meaning-making creatures first, and what stir us are efforts and opportunities that capture our imagination. Campbell articulated what he called the hero’s journey, underlined by the stages of transition that people travel through on their way to accomplishing transformative successes. 

This journey is buttressed by an inherent instinct within most people to give their time and efforts to something greater than themselves. Certainly many individuals can be motivated by short-term, self serving motives, but groups especially have an emotional root system that needs cultivating if a collective effort is to properly bloom. This no doubt sounds dubious to the data-driven manager who drives people through intimidation, leveraging their fear of not meeting targets with the threat of losing their livelihood. Exercising unilateral power in this way can be effective for those leaders whose modest ambitions are matched by the modest successes that such tactics bring. But I’m speaking to those out there who have experienced first hand a team whose accomplishments have exceeded the sum of its parts, or who recognize that resilience and competitiveness are increased when a group is serving something more compelling than the bottom line.

Former CEO of Sony Pictures Peter Guber has written in his new book ‘Tell to Win’ how a lifetime of refining his storytelling ability has accounted for the lion’s share of his success. As he recounts the stories of his life, time and again he returns to the premise that targeting people’s emotions is the best way to move them to action. Once their heart or gut has been engaged, people will formulate sensible reasons to act. Guber claims that in this hyper-competitive, fear-based, flat and global economy, telling purposeful stories cuts through the turbulence and arrests attention and motivation like nothing else can. The elements of a purposeful story include a call to action, something that the teller wants their audience to do. 

Stories should also include a hero. Basketball coach and executive Pat Riley defines a hero like this: ‘In every story there is one person who can make the difference. That’s your hero.’ Finally, a great storyteller has empathy and is able to relate emotionally to their audience. This requires a level of openness and vulnerability that remains stubbornly rare among managers and leaders today. John Furlong, for example, the visionary and leader of Vancouver’s 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and a natural storyteller to boot, describes an almost spiritual bond to employees. The team that orchestrated that event clearly served something greater than self-interest and the relationship they developed would have been impossible without the combination of openness and authenticity intrinsic to Furlong’s leadership style. We will always need to measure performance, track progress, install sound processes and benchmark efforts. These are the practices of a responsible if not successful organization. Business however is driven by people, and people are not easily reduced to their numeric equivalent. Like it or not, competitive edge includes having an intimate knowledge of what moves people and how to consistently tap the reservoir of passion and motivation that exists in our deepest desire to contribute to something larger than ourselves. Juma Wood ( juma. is a manager with Meyers Norris Penny’s organization and people-consulting group based in Vancouver.

Read more:
Journal of Commerce March 7, 2011
The man who led the 2010 Vancouver Organizing Committee to winter Olympic glory reminded Canadian construction leaders that to be successful, they need to lead from the front. 
“In life, when you rise in the morning, you have to have a vision if you wish to succeed,” said John Furlong, CEO of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Winter Games.
 “A vision so powerful that it will kick you out of bed, take you to the end of the day, to inspire and lead and grow your organization. A vision that matters.”
Furlong was the keynote speaker at the Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) opening breakfast for its annual conference. 
Furlong talked about what it took to organize the 2010 Winter Games and ensure Canadian success. He said that the lessons he and his team learned are ones that apply to many paths and careers in life. 
“No matter what, remember the world is watching you. People expect the best from you,” Furlong told the CCA members in attendance.
 “Give your best, live up to that promise and be the best human being you could possibly be and it will take your organization anywhere they want to go.”
 A core set of values, teamwork and trust were driving factors for the 2010 Winter Games success. Furlong said achieving the success also requires overcoming fear. 
The Own the Podium program, a national sport technical program, was created to help Canada’s winter athletes win the most medals at the 2010 Winter Games. 
The Canadian team would go on to also win the most gold medals with 14. 
The program, partially funded with $55 million by VANOC and matched by the federal government, has been lauded for helping Canada’s winter Olympic team reach new heights. 
Critics said it was somewhat “un-Canadian” because it focused on winning. Furlong said he and his team knew they had to take apart and reconstruct a funding system to give Canada’s athletes a chance at success, as well as the games themselves. 
“We all realized that we needed to pull together the country through success,” he said. 
The association’s 93rd annual conference in Hawaii will explore how the industry can succeed, as it faces challenges such as ending government stimulus project funding, a still recovering economy and new competition. Furlong was chosen as keynote speaker because the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics were a “classic example” of Canadians findings solutions for success, while competing against the world, according to the CCA. 
For Furlong, he said that whatever the challenge, whatever the obstacle, Canadian construction leaders need to remember to remain focused and believe they will succeed. “Live your life like a leader, as if your entire story will be read out at your own funeral,” he said.
Sept 16 2011
September 16th 2011 Ottawa: Today at Rideau Hall, John Furlong O.C., O.B.C. was invested into the Order of Canada. 

John Furlong’s outstanding achievement, dedication to community and service to the nation has more than lived up to the welcome he received upon arrival in Canada and the immigration officers well-known request "to make us better." Speaking from Rideau Hall, an emotional Furlong said  "This was a very moving experience for me made possible by the thousands of men and women at Vancouver 2010 who did heroic things for this country and who poured their hearts into the Games." 

The Governor General of Canada 
John Furlong, O.C. 
Vancouver, British Columbia 
Officer of the Order of Canada 

John Furlong’s commitment and passion have inspired Canadians to demonstrate our true spirit and sporting excellence to the world. As chief executive officer of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, he successfully led one of the world’s largest sporting events. Throughout the 10 years of planning and preparations leading up to the Games, and during its six-week run, he helped to create a vision of Canada as a diverse and energetic northern country. Our Olympic success was due in large part to his role in nurturing partnerships, particularly with the Four Host First Nations, ensuring they benefited from economic opportunities linked to the Games. As well, he spent many years building grassroots support for the development of British Columbia’s and Canada’s athletes and coaches.

Photo credit: Sgt Ron Duchesne, Rideau Hall © 2011 Office of the Secretary to the Governor General of Canada 
Sept 16th
TV Broadcast Schedule  Order of Canada– September 16 th 2011 Investiture Ceremony at Rideau Hall The 1 hour, 15 minute show can be watched nationally on CPAC at the following times:
(All times are provided in Eastern Standard time)

Friday                  September 16 th                  9pm
Saturday              September 17 th                  1pm
Sunday                September 18 th                  9.30am, 2pm, 9.30pm
Wednesday          September 21 st                  12.30pm

The broadcast will also be available to view on this website by Thursday, September 22nd, 2011.
The Vancouver Sun May 18, 2011
The work of the great mythologist Joseph Campbell demonstrated that human beings the world over are wired to respond to storytelling. This is because we are emotional, meaning-making creatures first, and what stir us are efforts and opportunities that capture our imagination.

John Furlong, for example, the visionary and leader of Vancouver's 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and a natural storyteller...

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Journal of Commerce March 7, 2011
“In life, when you rise in the morning, you have to have a vision if you wish to succeed,” said John Furlong, CEO of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Winter Games. “A vision so powerful that it will kick you out of bed, take you to the...

Toronto, ON January 4, 2011
Over the past two months, Cisco Canada has been in search of notable Canadians who through their vision and leadership have helped to transform the lives of others in Canada and around the world. Hundreds of nominations were made by the public, and today, Cisco celebrates 25 Transformational Canadians. From humanitarians and climate change activists, to child-rights advocates, and business champions, the list spans leaders in six categories: business, science and technology, environment, education, healthcare and community.

A judging panel composed of journalists and, community and business leaders selected and profiled these Transformational Canadians at twentyfive.caand, in print and online in The Globe and Mail, Cyberpresse and on CTV's CANADA AM.

More from Cisco:

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Sports Media Canada - 'BoniBlog December 2010
The year-end tendency is to reflect on athletes and their performances for a final salute. To me the mover and shaker who made the most impact in Canadian sports in 2010 was John Furlong who never would want to take centre stage away from the incredible Olympians, Paralympians and pro athletes who stood out in 2010.  But I’m going to give it to him anyway.

The CEO of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games was exemplary in that massive role, our voice, our face, our leader of an exceptional crew through the mostly highs and sometimes lows for this significant chapter in Canadian sporting history.

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Maclean's December 7th, 2010
THE CEO of the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee is one of a rare few Olympic administrators to go the distance in a job that, for most Games in recent memory, has ended in burnout, dismissal or disgrace. Furlong has spent the past few months dismantling the organization he led, and reflecting on the experience. His book (with journalist Gary Mason), Patriot Hearts: Inside the Olympics That Changed a Country , is set for release on Feb. 12, the first anniversary of the Games.

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Globe & Mail Dec. 23 2010
The story is one John Furlong never tires of telling. The day he landed in Edmonton in 1974 to begin his new life, an unassuming immigration officer welcomed him with the words: “Make us better.”

Still reeling from the loss of a close cousin to a terrorist bomb and, three weeks later, his beloved father to a heart attack, the young Irishman took the message to heart.
CNW Toronto - Nov. 29, 2010
Prominent Canadian business executive John Furlong -- leader of the VANOC team that staged what many have cited as the most successful Winter Olympics -- has been named Canada's Marketer of the Year by the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA).

The award was presented at the CMA Awards Gala on Friday, November 26, 2010 in Toronto.

"John Furlong's remarkable ten-year journey building, promoting and executing the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games changed our nation, galvanized Canadians from coast to coast and showcased Canada to the world.  As such, it will serve as a successful marketing model for many years to come," said CMA President and Chief Executive Officer John Gustavson.

Under Furlong's leadership, the traditional Olympics' sponsorship marketing model was shelved and a new approach introduced that resulted in, among other things, a record $760 million in domestic sponsorship revenue and 90 per cent of Games' operations being funded by the private sector, generated in the middle of a global economic crisis.

The CMA Awards Gala is the largest marketing awards event in Canada.  A full list of CMA Award winners can be found on the CMA website ( Nov. 2010
The Transformational Canadians program celebrates 25 living citizens who have made a difference by immeasurably improving the lives of others. Readers were invited to nominate Canadians who fit this description. Over several weeks, a panel of six judges will select 25 Transformational Canadians from among the nominees.

Nominations remain open until November 26.

John Furlong, VANOC CEO, has been selected as one of 25 Transformational Canadians.

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Vancouver Sun Nov. 19th, 2010
John Furlong was the grand award winner Friday at British Columbia’s 28th annual export wards gala in Vancouver.

Furlong, who served as chair of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Winter Olympics, received the B.C. Export Leadership Award “in recognition of the outstanding contributions he and the Vanoc team made to British Columbia’s export industry through his leadership in promoting the ‘B.C. brand’,” according to a news release.

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Ottawa Citizen Nov. 19th, 2010
John Furlong, the 2010 Winter Olympics boss who drove the games with the vision of building a nation, brought a message to Canada's bureaucrats Thursday - make a difference everyday.

Furlong, who helped pull off perhaps the biggest event in Canada's history, believes the Games are a "metaphor" for how government can tackle any national issue, project or policy. Have a vision, strong leadership and "go for broke."

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BC Export Awards Website November 12th, 2010
Vancouver, BC– Craig Williams, Vice President BC Division, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), and the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Investment announced the 2010 BC Export Awards Leadership Award will go to John Furlong for his contributions to British Columbia and Canada through his leadership of the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Vancouver and Whistler.

“We are honoured to have Mr. Furlong accept this award,” said Mr. Williams. “He has been such an inspirational leader for our province and businesses for much of this decade and we look forward to recognizing the contributions he has made to our export industries as a result of putting BC on the world stage.”

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Niagara University News Oct. 29th, 2010
John Furlong, chief executive officer of the organizing committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver, appeared before a standing room-only crowd in Niagara University's Alumni Chapel on Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010 to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. The award presentation was the highlight of an annual convocation hosted by Niagara's College of Hospitality and Tourism Management and sponsored by the Maid of the Mist Corporation.

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Sports Media Canada Website Oct. 20th, 2010
The 15th Annual Sports Media Canada Achievement Awards presentation luncheon is in the books. On October 13th about 250 representatives of sport and sports journalism assembled in the Canadian Room of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto to participate in the presentation of George Gross Awards for outstanding Canadian sports journalism...

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Vancouver Sun Oct. 20th, 2010
VICTORIA- Fifteen British Columbians will receive the 2010 Order of B.C. from Lieutenant Governor Steven Point and Premier Gordon Campbell on Thursday at Government House in Victoria.

The awards go to any British Columbian who has demonstrated outstanding achievement, excellence or distinction in any field.

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Expectations were high, but John hit this way beyond expectations. This is not a group of people who get often to their feet...and many were in tears. It was perfect!
Lisa Vogt, McCarthy Tetrault
A very inspiring and touching talk by Mr. Furlong - A great ambassador for Canada.
Kerry Mitchell, Manager, Political/Economic and Public Affairs, Canadian Consulate General, Buffalo, New York