John Furlong O.C. O.B.C.
CEO Vancouver 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games.

"The Vision That Changed A Nation"

John Furlong’s keynote speeches can move you to tears, while inspiring you to reach higher, challenge traditional thinking and dig deeper to achieve your own goals. John Furlong has been described as a Sports Hero, Nation Builder and the Ultimate Crisis Manager. Known for his masterful storytelling and innovative leadership style, he continues to inspire, regaling audiences with the many remarkable and fascinating untold stories behind the Games. He is one of the longest serving leaders in Olympic history.

He was there at the beginning of the bid phase and went on to become CEO of VANOC, leading the organisation through many trials and tribulations, all the way through to the closing ceremonies. He was relentless in his pursuit to deliver a Games that would touch the hearts and minds of every Canadian.

Many said it was a vision too far, urging him to set the goals at a more attainable level. Furlong refused and through an exhaustive ten year journey went on to deliver, what have now been recognised by the IOC as, the most successful Winter Games ever. John Furlong was the first VANOC employee and led the growth of the organisation to a team of 55,000 employees over a ten year period; Imagine hosting 2,600 participants from 82 nations competing in 86 events; Imagine finding the creativity to develop a record $760 million in domestic sponsorship amidst a global economic crisis; Imagine, successfully navigating all levels of government and staying true to the vision to connect with the hearts and minds of all Canadians.

John Furlong continues to bring the same level of passion & focus to each keynote address, working hard to craft a speech that will resonate with each audience.  Following a pre-event telephone briefing, John will carefully select the most powerful stories to illustrate the lessons learned throughout his incredible ten year Olympic Journey. Whether your goal is, to better understand the importance of a compelling vision, finding the courage to stay the course in times of adversity, values based leadership, effective teambuilding, community engagement, deeper partnerships, understanding sustainability, crisis management  or you simply wish to gain a glimpse behind the Games to hear some of the remarkably inspiring human stories, you can be certain that John Furlong will has the depth of material and speaking skills to powerfully connect with your group.

His book,  Patriot Hearts – Inside the Olympics that changed a country, became an instant best seller when it was launched on February 12, 2011, the one year anniversary of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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You were an excellent choice for key note speaker.
Paul M. Tellier, P.C, C.C., Q.C., BCE, Corporate Director
John’s speech truly touched our group. His words were both moving and motivational. I believe history will show John to be one of our most inspirational leaders and the most passionate Canadians of our time.
David Bodnar, Terasen Gas, Director, Community, Aboriginal & Government Relations